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Math 245: Discrete Mathematics Fall 2006
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Catalog description

Logic, methods of proof, set theory, number theory, equivalence and order relations, counting (combinations and permutations), solving recurrence relations.

  • 1a. Math 121, or
  • 1b. Math 150

Required Text and Reading Materials:

Discrete Mathematics with Applications, 3rd edition. Susanna S. Epp, Brooks Cole, January 2004. ISBN 0-5343-5945-0.

Class web page [], and handouts.

Course Outline (as of 8/26/2006):

   1 - The Logic of Compound Statements
   2 - The Logic of Quantified Statements
   3 - Elementary Number Theory and Methods of Proof
   4 - Sequences and Mathematical Induction
   5 - Set Theory
   6 - Counting
   7 - Functions
   8 - Recursion
   10 - Relations


In PDF format only [last revised 8/28/2006]

Recreational Mathematics:

The Problem of the Fortnight: Win fantastic prizes in the bi-weekly competition.

Historical Backgrounds and Perspectives

You can now get some background on the mathematicians who developed the ideas we discuss in this class.


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