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Data Science — Simple Covid-19 Model

Video: This is a simple data fitting model – applied to the US Covid-19 Case Data. Each day we build 36 models; based on 14 – 49 days of historical data; then we select the model with the most rapidly declining (or most slowly increasing) linear trend (with a slight penalty to discourage inclusion of a "long tail" when the trend is declining.) The selected model is used to project an "end date," and additional cases. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: the model is designed to be as optimisic as possible, NOT as accurate as possible; additionally, this is purely data-driven, without any epidemiological value. It is presented for ADULTS AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
Note: The datasource, Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, stopped collecting data as of 03/10/2023; hence this visualization will no longer be updated. If you are looking for data source, the CDC Data Tracker is your friend.