Peter Blomgren
San Diego State University
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Grants and Awards

  • 2009 NSF SCREMS DMS-0923278. Acquisition of a Computational Mathematics Cluster. PI, joint with Jose Castillo, et. al.

  • 2005–2008 NSF Applied Mathematics Grant, DMS-0504150. Dynamical Systems Approach to Study Cellular Flame Instability. PI, joint project with Antonio Palacios.

  • 2003 DURIP/ONR Grant, Radio Propagation Measurement Systems and Computer Cluster. Named Collaborator; main PI: Arogyaswami J. Paulraj (Stanford University),
  • SDSU Instructional Technology Services "TechStar" teaching award, for innovative use of smart classroom technologies to improve student learning. Spring 2006.

  • Robert Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award. UCLA Department of Mathematics. 1997.

  • Dissertation Year Fellowship. UCLA Graduate Division. 1997–1998.